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Meet Tony Zambito

Tony Zambito is the founder and leading authority in buyer insights and buyer personas. He has helped organizations improve marketing and sales performance by deeply understanding their customers and buyers. Tony is a passionate evangelist, author, blogger, and speaker on the power of deep buyer insights to drive winning market strategies.

Buyer Insights 2020

Gaining insight and foresight on your customers and buyers as the Year 2020 approaches is vital; understanding buying behavior, how purchase decisions are made in the digital age, and why buyers are motivated to buy can make you the market leader. Participate in the Buyer Insights 2020 initiative to be prepared for the Year 2020.
"We were provided with the insights we needed to win in our space. The buyer insights enabled our marketing and selling teams to anticipate buyers' eeds and decision process at their level, using their language and terminology."
- Kevin Hooper, Hewlett-Packard Company
"The insights we received helped us to identify an even more promising alternative buyer persona as well as new market potential we had not seen before ."
- Aurelio Prifitera, Ph.D. President & CEO Pearson Clinical Assessment
"In today's highly competitive environment, strong customer insight is what gives marketing professionals an edge. The buyer insights developed helped tremendously in this endeavor."
- Riadh Dridi, Senior Director of Marketing & Alliances Hewlett-Packard Company
"The compelling buyer persona insights and the mapping of the buyer's decision processes for several verticals gave us a clear picture how to converse with our customers. They gave us what we needed to boost sales and renewals considerably."
- Jeff Wells, Senior Director, B2B eCommerce Sales and Service Symantec
"The insights and the mapping of the journey our customer's took in making decisions as well as their experiences helped to shape our strategies in marketing and sales. It allowed us to win in a highly competitive market space."
- Jeff Galt, (Former President and CEO Harcourt / Reed Elsevier) President and CEO Brass Funds
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