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4 Things Buyer Personas Are Not

source When products or services look similar, are called by similar names, or represented to be the same as, this can lead to confusion.  When it comes to buyer personas, this is more common than it should be.  In helping several B2B organizations directly or in advising recently, I have noticed the confusion become more prominent. The problem with confusion is it can lead to bad assumptions.  When this happens, organizations can find themselves heading in the wrong direction.  Operating by assumptions can become the Achilles’ heel of organizations.  Causing severe set backs and loss time to market.  Making erroneous assumptions…

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Article by Tony Zambito

5 Reasons For Poor Buyer Personas Steering Marketing In The Wrong Direction

enter site This July marks the 13th year since the first drafting of the concept and methodology of buyer persona development.  Notably, in the last three years, we have seen an increase in awareness of buyer personas.  Coinciding with the rise in content marketing, marketers seek to use buyer personas to help guide content strategies and tactics.  With this rise in awareness also come pitfalls in having buyer personas steer marketing efforts in the wrong direction. I raise this point due to the proliferation of content on buyer personas over the past few years.  Some helpful but the majority, in my opinion,…

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Article by Tony Zambito

4 Principles For A Human-Centered Approach To Personas in Marketing

enter site Often studied in psychology, is the phenomenon of what people say and do is not always what they mean.  Lurking in the sub-conscious as well as on conscious levels are guarded perceptions, defense mechanisms, mental images, prejudices, and etc.  Often needing in-depth qualitative studies in social psychology to determine how groups of people think, behave, and make use of language. In social psychology, archetypes are often used to help communicate the social psychological dynamics of people.  Helping psychologists to translate their qualitative research into meaningful insights and portrayals of people in a social context. In the business world, marketers and…

Article by Tony Zambito
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