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Radical Openness And Transparency: A Mandate For B2B Organizations

Vermox Ricetta November 2014 marked the twenty-fifth (25th) anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The tearing down of the barrier separating West Germany from East Germany remains as one of the world’s most momentous events.   The fall of the Berlin Wall continues to send out tremors touching many parts of the globe. What many in the world assumed would be a smoothed unification of West and East Germany has not occurred. For example, the former East Germany continues to suffer from rampant high unemployment, less educational opportunities, and poorer healthcare systems. In the same twenty-five years, we have seen the advent…

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Article by Tony Zambito

Why The Concept Of Immersion Will Be The Next Big Thing in B2B Marketing

go to site For most of us, when we become immersed with something we care about, like, or even love, we become completely involved. All of our mental faculties are devoted to a particular experience. As an example, when we travel to a foreign country, we can become immersed completely in a foreign culture. Experiencing for the first time how people in other countries go about their daily lives. With the tumultuous changes occurring in the new digital economy, markets, consumers, and businesses can seem quite foreign when compared to a decade ago. These hyper changes occurring are rapidly altering behaviors and how…

Article by Tony Zambito

The Danger Of A Single View Of Buyers

get link Many of us have heard of the term tunnel vision. It is usually described or defined as follows: The tendency to focus exclusively on a single or limited goal or point of view. We have seen extreme points of views in every walk of life. From politics to religion and everything in between we have seen a singular focus on a goal or point of view. Unfortunately, tunnel vision can cause intended as well as unintended consequences. In the world of business marketing, organizations can exert all their resources towards focusing in on a single view of buyers. Doing so…

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Article by Tony Zambito
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