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A leading authority in buyer insights and buyer personas

Meet Tony Zambito, creator of buyer insight and buyer persona development.

About Tony Zambito

Tony is the founder and leading authority in buyer insights and buyer personas for B2B Marketing. In 2001, Tony established the first buyer insight and buyer persona development methodology designed specifically for B2B Marketing and Sales. This innovation has helped leading Fortune 100 companies gain a deeper understanding of their buyers resulting in improved customer strategies, customer experience, and revenue performance. He has assisted companies such as HP, Reed Elsevier, FedEx, Pearson, Robert Half International, Microsoft, Genesys, IBM, Thomson Reuters, GE, Level 3, Lyft, Reuters News Agency, Conoco Phillips and more in customer research, buyer insights research, and buyer persona marketing. Tony has empowered organizations with buyer insights and buyer personas, which communicate deep buying insights and tells the story of goal-directed buying behavior. Tony’s pioneering goal-directed development in buyer insights and buyer persona development has helped clients to achieve improved revenue performance by as much as 25% year over year, increase customer retention rates by as much 10%, improve ROI on content marketing, and grow revenues in new markets by as much as 15%.

A Strategist at Heart

At heart, Tony is a strategist. He has opened the eyes of many executives and organizations on how customer research, buyer insights research, buying behavior, and a target buyer persona is vital means to inform strategies aimed at achieving marketing and sales effectiveness. Tony is an author, blogger, and speaker on topics related to understanding changing buying behavior through buyer insights research and the impact on future modern marketing. His articles have been syndicated through several noted sites such as CustomerThink, Social Media Today, iMedia Connection, and Bloomberg Current Exchange. Tony has written several eBooks including:

  • 10 Rules of Buyer Persona Development
  • A Matter of Choice: How B2B Buyers Choose in Today’s Complex Markets
  • The Single Buyer Model: A Dangerous Road Towards Competitive B2B Marketing
  • How Buyer Trends Are Impacting the Future of Business Thinking

Forging New Grounds

How he’s doing it

Today, Tony is forging new grounds in expanding the goal-directed concept of Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development to adapt to our new digital age. Helping organizations to understand changing buying behavior and evaluate buyer trends. Introducing new concepts related to Human-Centered Marketing and humanizing marketing and sales.  Tony continues to evolve the goal-directed buyer persona development with an emphasis on helping organizations and people to focus on human goals.

Personal History

Tony Zambito holds an MBA degree in Marketing Management and a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a minor in Anthropology from the University of New York at Buffalo. He is an avid jazz fan and is Excutive Director of the non-profit organization JazzBuffalo. Tony is married, has two daughters who he is extremely proud of, and resides in upstate New York.

“My world changed forever when…..I witnessed the birth of personas.”

My Story

During the early years of the dot.com boom years, I served as a Vice President of Customer Management for Knight-Ridder Information Services. This was an innovative role at that time. Later I served as Vice President of Sales responsible for $350 million in annual revenues and securing as much as 7-figures information services agreements with major pharmaceutical and consulting firms. I also served as Vice President of Marketing for a revolutionary early concept of micropayments over the Internet researched by DEC and later Compaq, called Millicent.

A World Turned Upside Down

My world changed forever when I met Alan Cooper, the founder of personas, and the brilliant designers at his interaction design firm. I witnessed the birth of personas, referred to as user personas, to help inform product and software design strategies. I became Chief Consulting Officer for Cooper, helping to secure user-centered design engagements with the likes of Fujitsu, Varian, HP, and Dolby. All the while asking the question, “Why can we not develop buyer personas for marketing and sales?”

In 2001, I began the journey of focusing specifically on buyer insights and buyer personas for informing marketing and sales strategies. Focusing in on buyer-centered marketing design.  It has been quite a journey ever since. I owe a debt of gratitude to Alan Cooper as well as to Jeff Galt. Jeff was serving as President and CEO of Harcourt in 2002, a division of Reed Elsevier. He trail blazed the first ever large-scale buyer insight and buyer persona development effort based on nothing but trust and faith.

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