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Digital Transformation

3 Forces Shaping The Future Of B2B Marketing

Provigil Prescrizione Many executives, particularly Chief Marketing Officers, are in constant pursuit of understanding changing buyer behaviors and markets.  Which, for the most part, remains an elusive and challenging endeavor.  In the past ten plus years, we have seen a tumultuous upheaval in both the world of buyers and how marketing is adapting. As business leaders and marketing leaders look ahead to the future, the ever-expanding global digital economy will undoubtedly cause further disruption.  Charting a course for future growth becoming increasingly difficult.  Despite the advent of an overflowing introduction of new marketing approaches, acronyms, and concepts in the past decade, the…

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Article by Tony Zambito

How The Content Illusion Is Leading Marketing Astray In The Era Of Digital Transformation

get link In the past five years, the often-unquestioned hymnal has been that to succeed in today’s digital world, businesses must produce content.  Produce high-quality content, yes.  But, produce massive amounts of it to get in front of customers. According to various statistics on the Internet, we are living in a world where every minute over 200 million items of online content is produced.  Where nearly 1500 blog posts are posted every minute.  Whereby over 200 million email message are sent every minute.  The amount of content exploding online is staggering.  Leaving the content dilemma facing many organizations – how to stand…

Article by Tony Zambito
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