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Goal-Directed Decision Making Drives B2B Buying And Selling

http://officinerossopuro.it/?itph=Viagra-Generico-Dove-Acquistare Business-to-Business thrives on the simple basic principle of buying and selling. With all the hoopla over the past few years regarding digital technologies and social media, it is easy to lose sight of this most basic principle, which has existed for centuries.  The impact of digital and social technologies on the nature of buying and selling, however, cannot be understated.  They have changed how businesses interact and engage in the acts of buying and selling. One constant, research in the social sciences have proven, is the acts of buying and selling are by and large goal-directed activities and behaviors.  These…

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Article by Tony Zambito

The Importance Of Goal-Directed Behaviors To Buyer Personas

http://officinerossopuro.it/?itph=Crema-Emla-Serve-Ricetta In nearly every walk of life, goals are a major influence on what we do, think, feel, and the actions we take on a daily basis. For example, we may decide to skip the fudge brownie desert in light of health goals we are pursuing. On a much larger scale, goals are at work influencing choices and high stake decisions such as investments in new technology or services. One of the largest influences on the conceptual development of personas has been the body of work and research on goals. More specifically, on what is referred to as goal-directed behaviors. A…

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Article by Tony Zambito
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