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Custom Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development Help You Improve Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention

Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development

Buying processes and buying cycles continue to become more complex at a rapid rate. When Go-To-Market Strategies stakes are high, gaining deep and profound buyer insights can mean the difference between losing and winning.   B2B Marketing and B2B sales organizations, to succeed, require insightful understanding of today’s changing buyer to create demand, generate leads, and win more opportunities.  When resources, personnel, and expertise are in short supply, this is where you can receive direct expert help from the creator of buyer personas.  Contact Tony!

What You Can Do Now

Getting access to hard-to-reach target buyers and gaining deep insights take the guesswork out of Go-To-Market Strategies and Content Marketing.  It takes seasoned experience and skills in qualitative buyer interviewing to obtain unarticulated and not-so-obvious insights, which gives your business the edge.  Engaging with Tony Zambito means you get the authentic methodology and the right approach to gaining deep and profound buyer insights, which inform winning Modern Marketing Strategies.  And, receiving authentic as well as human-centered buyer personas done the right way.

Results You Can Expect
  • Understanding of your ideal target buyer persona, what goals motivates them to buy, and the reasons why they buy – helping to inform your marketing and sales strategies
  • Unique depictions of your ideal target companies though Ideal Company Persona™
  • Unique insights and depictions of Buyer Scenarios™ and Buyer Mental Models™ – the most important elements in robust buyer insights and buyer persona development
  • Rich and robust development of target buyer personas, which break down the complex into understanding shared across the enterprise
  • Unique buyer journey mapping showing how your target buyers make purchase decisions
  • Executive translation of insight into powerful buyer-informed Go-To-Market and Content Marketing Strategies

The Focus Is On Operationalizing And Enablement

With anywhere between 50 to 70% of the B2B buying process being conducted online, understanding how your potential B2B buyers access content and start the buying process is critical.  At the same time, today’s marketing and selling force must meet buyers where they are in their buying process, bringing insight and relevant conversations to help buyers solve challenging problems.  Doing this on a day-to-day basis means companies must learn how to operationalize buyer insights and buyer personas into their everyday DNA.

Operationalize Your Buyer Understanding Across The Organization

When you engage in a custom Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development initiative, the goal is to understand deeply how your buyers access, use, and share content with peers and buying teams.  Knowing deeply how and why purchase decisions are made is critical.  Gain valuable insights from hard-to-reach target buyers on their content preferences, what is most relevant to their needs, and how purchase decisions are made.  When you work with Tony directly in a custom Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development Initiative, you are guided in how to operationalize deep buyer understanding as well as enable your marketing and sales teams to be more effective in connecting with customers and buyers.

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Masterclass and Workshops: Learn From the Creator of Buyer Personas – Accept No Substitutes

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Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Masterclass

Understanding buyer insight research and buyer persona development is fast becoming essential to effective marketing and sales.  Learn directly from the creator of buyer personas the essential how-to elements of buyer insight research and buyer persona development.

What You Can Do Now

Now offering on-site 2 or 3 day Masterclass on conducting buyer insights research and buyer persona development to know your buyers deeply.  Get practical hands-on experience with the creator of Buyer Persona Development™.  Learn the newest how-to concepts evolved over 12 years and hundreds of buyer insight interviews.

Results You Can Expect
  • Learn how to organize, conduct, and utilize Buyer Insight Research and Buyer Persona Development in your organization
  • Learn the 5 core elements of Buyer Persona Development
  • Get hands-on practical guidance on developing Buyer Insights and Buyer Personas
  • Appreciate powerful examples of companies implementing Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development
  • Learn how to develop powerful buying scenarios and buyer story mapping to achieve deep insights into your customers’ buying behaviors and map content to buyer goals
  • Get hands-on experience in developing content marketing strategies, sales enablement plans, and how to crate powerful messaging to connect with customers
  • Learn how to develop an ongoing plan to operationalize buyer insights and buyer personas into your marketing and sales DNA

Human-Centered Marketing™ Workshop

Human-Centered Marketing is the new force in modern marketing to buyers in the digital age.  Today’s organizations must learn how to humanize their marketing to connecting with the modern buyer with empathy and emotions.

What You Can Do Now

Learn, during this 2 day on-site workshop, directly from the creator of buyer personas and innovator in Human-Centered Marketing.   Get first-hand knowledge on how to use powerful tools, which help you to develop a human marketing approach.  These tools guide you towards a human-centered approach to content strategy and marketing.  Allow your marketing and sales team to stand out, connect, and meet customers on a human and emotional level.

Results You Can Expect
  • Develop powerful human-centered approach to content marketing
  • Learn the three most important phases of Human-Centered Marketing and how to implement
  • Learn how to use the Human-Centered Marketing approach to humanize your content strategy and build empathy into your content creation
  • Receive hands-on guidance on how to develop a working plan for infusing a human-centered approach into your marketing and sales capabilities

How We Can Work Together

Get the expert help and guidance you need to get the most out of Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development.

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