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Goal-Directed Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development Help You Improve Customer Engagement And Drive Growth

Goal-Directed Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development

Buyer and customer engagement continues to become more complex at a rapid rate. When market and customer strategies stakes are high, gaining deep and profound buyer insights can mean the difference between losing and winning.   B2B Marketing and B2B sales organizations, to succeed, require an insightful understanding of today’s changing goal-directed behaviors of buyers as a result of Digital Transformation.   To create demand, generate leads, and win more opportunities, organizations must make decisions that are insights-based.

The Focus Of Buyer Insights Is To Understanding Human Goals

With anywhere between 50 to 70% of the B2B buying process being conducted online, understanding how your potential B2B buyers and customers wish to engage is critical.  Succeeding at buyer and customer engagement today means having an insightful understanding of the goal-directed behaviors of buyers and customers.  Requiring organizations to have a deep understanding of the underlying human goals and motivations driving buying behaviors.

4 Essential Areas Of Insights You Need To Succeed In The New Digital Age Of Business

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1. Buyer Insights

Gain critical insights into how buyers make purchasing decisions, face challenges, and set strategies.  Insights you need to win in tough competitive markets.  Receive the deep insights into organizational and buyer decision-making that can give you the edge when it counts.  Delivered in the powerful goal-directed buyer persona insights platform that is second to none.

2. Market and Industry Insights

Markets and industries are being profoundly affected by digital transformation today.  Turning existing business models upside down.  Creating the need for global business insights on market and industry trends.  Providing in-depth insights into implications for existing market business models and buying behaviors.  For many companies today, heading into Go-To-Market Strategies without insights is fraught with high-risks.  Innovative use of goal-directed buyer persona-based insights can help your organization to get ahead of the curve on market and industry transformation, as well as, reduce Go-To-Market risks.

3. ABM and Intent Insights

Succeeding in Account-Based Marketing today requires in-depth understanding and insights of organizations, key stakeholders, buying teams, and how to engage with key buyers.  Enabling both marketing and sales teams to target and succeed in responsive engagement with targeted accounts.  Through in-depth insights, your teams can have the knowledge needed to understand the intentions of accounts and key buyers.  In 2004, Tony Zambito pioneered the concept of company/organization/account persona-based insights well in advance of the ABM trend in marketing.

4. Audience/Digital Insights

In the new era of digital business and commerce, understanding audiences and digital behaviors have become critical insights requirements.  Digital transformation has resulted in businesses having to adapt to subscription-based models, customer success models, and to engage audiences with robust digital platforms.  Pioneering audience persona-based insights research with leading digital commerce platforms makes the Center of Buyer Insights a leader in audience insights.

Working With Tony Zambito and The Center for Buyer Insights

5 Steps To Receive Expert Buyer Insights And Buyer Persona Development

  1. Identify issues, problems, and goals resulting in need for insights
  2. Determine the specific insights needed
  3. Conduct qualitative interviews with buyers, users, and audiences
  4. Synthesize/interpret findings into buyer persona-based depictions of actionable insights
  5. Deliver robust platform of persona-based insights and implications

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