The Buyer Insights and Buyer Personas You Need For 2020

Know Your Buyers™

Be Ready For A Post-Coronavirus World With Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development

Why Buyer Insights Research?

Buyer, customer, and audience engagement continues to become more complex at a rapid rate. The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has altered buying behaviors and choices forever.   To be prepared in 2020 and beyond, organizations require an insightful understanding of the changing behaviors of buyers in a world that can only be described as the “new normal.”   The stakes are high and now require insights at the deepest level.

Understand Changing Buyer Behavior In A Post-Coronavirus And Digital-Centric Commerce World

We are now entering into an accelerated digital-centric world.  Understanding how to engage your customers is critical.  Succeeding in 2021 and beyond means having an insightful understanding of how buying behaviors are changing drastically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  Requiring organizations to have precise insights into how to develop new approaches to engage in a digital-centric world.  Business, marketing, non-profit, media, and arts leaders today must equip their teams with deep insights and authentic buyer personas.

4 Essential Areas Of Insights Coveyed Through Authentic Buyer Personas Needed Now

1. Buyer Insights

Gain critical insights into how buyers make purchasing decisions, face challenges, and set strategies over an entire lifecycle.  Insights you need to understand how buyers, markets, and audience choices will change in the current and post-coronavirus world.  Receive deep insights into organizational and buyer decision-making behaviors that are changing in rapidly evolving digital-centric commerce.  Buyer Insights are delivered in the powerful goal-directed buyer persona insights platform that is second to none.

2. Market and Industry Insights

Markets and industries are being profoundly affected by digital transformation today.  And, now the coronavirus pandemic will alter this transformation forever.  As a result, many existing business models will be turned upside down.  Creating the need for global business insights on market and industry trends.  Gain in-depth insights into implications for existing market business models, buying behaviors, and audience behaviors.  For many organizations today, heading into a phased-in reopening without insights is fraught with high-risks.

3. Account-Based Marketing and Intent Insights

Succeeding in Account-Based Marketing requires in-depth understanding and insights of organizations, key stakeholders, buying teams, and how to engage with key buyers.  Enabling both marketing and sales teams to target and succeed in responsive engagement with targeted accounts.  Interaction and relationship dynamics will significantly be altered by the coronavirus pandemic.   In-depth insights and knowledge are needed to understand the intentions of accounts and key buyers as they adapt to an accelerated digital-centric world.

4. Buyer Interactions Insights

In the new era of digital business and commerce, understanding digital buyer interactions have become critical insights requirements.  How should organizations design their buyer interactions in marketing and sales in the year 2021 and beyond now as a result of COVID-19?  Digital transformation and an accelerated digital-centric world of commerce have resulted in businesses having to adapt to engaging buyers with robust buyer interactions via digital platforms.  Understanding how buyers are changing and how digital technologies are changing today ad beyond are must-have insights.

5. Sales Enablement and Buyer Enablement Insights

Making the buyer the center of sales enablement and buyer enablement today and post-pandemic will be crucial for B2B companies to maintain market success.  Designing the right sales and buyer interactions needed will make the difference.  Ensure that your substantial investment in MarTech and SalesTech succeed by gaining the deep buyer insights needed to design buyer-centric marketing and selling processes.

The Buyer Insights Deliverables Designed To Help You Win

1. Buyer Insights and Buyer Personas

You will get the deep buyer insights you need to gain the market edge you seek.  The buyer insights are accompanied by the original founder’s goal-directed approach to buyer personas.

2. Buyer Goals and Challenges

Gain valuable insights into the unique goals that are driving your buyer’s purchasing and buying decisions.  Learn about the challenges your buyers must overcome as they seek to accomplish their goals.

3. Buyer Attitudes, Perceptions, and Expectations

Get deep insights into your buyer’s psychology and emotions.  Learn about the attitudes, perceptions, and expectations that are influencing their buying decisions and interactions.

4. Buyer Journey, Scenarios, and Outcomes

Get the deep insights you need to map to the buying journey and build the right buyer interactions.  Learn more about the specific buying scenarios and problem scenarios you must respond to.  Orient your marketing and sales efforts towards the desired outcomes of your buyers.

5-Stage Buyer Interaction Design™ (BxD) Means Done Right With Design Thinking

1. Buyer Research

We conduct authentic qualitative buyer research with your buyers, stakeholders, partners, and those involved in the ecosystem.

2. Buyer Personas and Scenarios

We founded the concept of using a goal-directed archetype of buyers based on qualitative research called a “buyer persona.”  And, we invented the depiction of buying scenarios and problem scenarios to help you understand buyers like never before.

3. Identify Buyer Requirements for Interactions

We translate valuable insights and buyer personas into buyer strategies.  Buyer strategies related to marketing content, conversational sales, and customer success come to life through Buyer Interaction Design™ (BxD).

4. Design Buyer Interactions

Take the guesswork out of what content to create.  Design demand generations and sales development that engage buyers. Win more sales deals by designing sales interactions that accelerate the buyer’s journey.

5. Implement, Test, Operationalize

We help you to implement and test insights and buyer personas.  As the world leader and creator of buyer insights and buyer personas, we can guide you to ensure they are operationalized for consistent success.

How To Get Started With Getting The Buyer Insights and Buyer Personas You Deserve

Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development Initiative

A typical buyer insights research and buyer persona development initiative can last 3 months. Each buyer insights research initiative is unique and can be tailored to the insight needs of an organization.  Tony Zambito’s unique founder’s buyer insights research and buyer persona methodology are the standard that started the buyer persona movement.

Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development Licensing and Coaching

If you are a marketing or sales agency, learn how to license the original authentic buyer persona development methodology.  If you are a marketing or sales leader needing monthly coaching guidance on your in-house initiative, please schedule a free 30-minute conversation on how Tony Zambito can be your personal coach!

Begin Making The Buyer The Center Of Your Overall Buyer Strategy

If you are interested in making the buyer the center of your buyer strategy via buyer insights research and a buyer persona development initiative, please arrange for a free consultation.  We bring to the table the founder’s principles and a rich 19 years of history in evolving the concept of buyer personas.  We have performed buyer persona research and creation for Fortune 50-100 global corporations, as well as, for mid-size organizations.  Typical engagements take about 3 months and involve insights-based research, the creation of buyer personas, and guides for operationalizing.  Schedule a free 30-minutes consultation!

Contact Tony Zambito directly for a free no-obligation 30 minute Skype, Go to Meeting, or Phone Conference Call session to learn more and to discuss participating in this timely and one-of-a-kind initiative. Go to So Helpful Tony to schedule a 30-minute session or Contact me today by phone or email and let’s schedule time.

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