Driving Growth Through Buyer Understanding™

Goal-Directed Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development Help You Improve Customer Engagement And Drive Growth

Goal-Directed Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development

Buyer and customer engagement continue to become more complex at a rapid rate. When Go-To-Market Strategies stakes are high, gaining deep and profound buyer insights can mean the difference between losing and winning.   B2B Marketing and B2B sales organizations, to succeed, require an insightful understanding of today’s changing goal-directed behaviors of buyers to create demand, generate leads, and win more opportunities.  When resources, personnel, and expertise are in short supply, this is where you can receive direct expert help from the creator of buyer personas.  Contact Tony!

What You Can Do Now

Getting access to hard-to-reach target buyers and gaining deep insights is hard work.  It takes seasoned experience and skills in qualitative buyer and customer interviewing to obtain unarticulated and not-so-obvious insights, which gives your business the edge.  Engaging with Tony Zambito means you get the authentic Goal-Directed Buyer Insights and Buyer Persona Development Methodology and the right approach to gaining deep and profound buyer insights, which inform winning growth strategies.  And, receiving authentic as well as human-centered buyer personas done the right way.

Results You Can Expect
  • Understanding of what goals motivates your buyers and customers to buy, and the reasons why they buy – helping to inform your marketing and sales strategies
  • Unique depictions of your goal-directed buyer personas, as opposed to, product marketing and sales oriented buyer profiling
  • Unique insights and depictions of goal-directed behaviors through scenarios and mental framing,  the most important elements in robust goal-directed buyer insights and buyer persona development
  • Unique buyer and customer experience journey mapping showing how your buyers and customers engage and ultimately make purchase decisions
  • Executive translation of insights into powerful buyer-informed Go-To-Market, Customer Engagement, and Growth Strategies

The Focus Is On Understanding Human Goals

With anywhere between 50 to 70% of the B2B buying process being conducted online, understanding how your potential B2B buyers and customers wish to engage is critical.  Succeeding at buyer and customer engagement today means having an insightful understanding of the goal-directed behaviors of buyers and customers.  Requiring organizations to have a deep understanding of the underlying human goals and motivations driving buying behaviors.

Create Deep and Actionable Goal-Directed Buyer And Customer Understanding Across The Organization

When you engage in a Goal-Directed Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development initiative, the goal is to understand deeply how your buyers and customers are driven to accomplish meaningful goals.  Knowing deeply the goal-directed behaviors driving the how and why of purchase decisions is critical.  Gain valuable insights from hard-to-reach buyers and customers on their engagement and content preferences, what is most relevant to their goals, and how purchase decisions are made.  When you work with Tony directly in a Goal-Directed Buyer Insights Research and Buyer Persona Development Initiative, you are guided in how to operationalize deep buyer understanding as well as enable your marketing and sales teams to be more effective in connecting with the goals of customers and buyers.  The preparedness needed to drive growth.

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Receive The Authentic Goal-Directed Development Methodology From the Creator of Buyer Personas – Accept No Substitutes

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Do Not Settle For Buyer Profiles.  You Deserve The Authentic Founder’s Goal-Directed Research And Development Methodology

Understanding goal-directed buyer insight research and buyer persona development is fast becoming essential to effective marketing and sales, as well as, driving growth.  There are many misguided buyer profiling services claiming you will receive buyer personas.  Claiming all you need to know are profile-based information such as initiatives and buying criteria.  Do not settle for buyer profiles; instead, receive the true research-based and authentic goal-directed methodology for buyer insights research and buyer personas.

How We Can Work Together

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