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How I Have Helped Others

  • Tobias Lee, CMO, Thomson Reuters

    Tony’s expertise in the field of persona development has helped us here @Thomson Reuters understand our customers in a profound new way. We have established a common understanding around the group of personas that we potentially sell to and are now able to dial our marketing strategy in with much better accuracy. Tony brings a proven methodology and approach that any organization would benefit from.
  • Mike Woods,Global Market Development, Reuters News Agency

    We brought Tony on board to help us develop our very first buyer personas. He spoke with both colleagues and clients around the world in order to provide us with a truly global perspective. The research findings and Tony’s analysis are extremely valuable in transforming the way we think about and communicate with our client base going forward. I highly recommend Tony and look forward to working together in the future.

More People I have helped

  • Steve Herrmann, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM (Oniqua)

    Tony definitely plugged a major gap in our go-to-market strategy. We walked away with some terrific insights…sure to take our engagement efforts to the next level. If you have needs around buyer insights and/or personas, Tony is your man.

  • Keith Pearce, Vice President, Solutions Marketing, Genesys

    Tony orchestrated a beautiful symphony for us bringing together various disciplines and key leaders in the company to design buyer personas for two key markets. He did so with close attention to detail, with excellent facilitation and leadership skills, and with constant reinforcement of validation with our buyers. He balanced looking forward with completing the task at hand, and we could not have been more happy with his work. Our sales and marketing focus and attention to buyer triggers and personas have given us better buyer alignment and will serve us well as we use this to our competitive advantage.

  • Kevin Hooper, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation of America

    We were provided with the insights we needed to win in our space. The buyer insights enabled our marketing and selling teams to anticipate buyers’ needs and decision process at their level, using their language and terminology.

  • Guy Mansueto, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM (Phytel)

    Tony provided us a proven framework for buyer personas as we relaunched our content marketing strategy. He facilitated and confidently established a common set of language needed across sales, marketing, and our executive leadership to successfully frame the objectives of key buyers for our solutions. It was a pleasure working with Tony and we look forward to future opportunities to advance our content marketing efforts.

  • Amanda Carty, Chief Marketing Officer, Diligent

    Tony was so helpful at uncovering how and why our buyers buy. The insights are allowing us to create more targeted content and deliver more qualified leads to sales.

  • Jane Gasdaska, P&O Manager, Fuels Marketing, ConocoPhillips – Phillips 66 Houston, Texas Area

    Our firm utilized Tony’s expertise during an engagement. His work truly helped us understand not only our customers but our prospects through in-depth B2B buyer personas. We now can create more personalized and relevant messaging to our customers given their buyer persona and where they are in the sales process. Thanks for all your help, Tony!

  • Aurelio Prifitera, Ph.D., President & CEO, Pearson Clinical Assessment

    The insights we received helped us to identify an even more promising alternative buyer persona as well as new market potential we had not seen before.

  • Jeff Galt, Former CEO, Harcourt Education

    The insights and the mapping of the journey our customer’s took in making decisions as well as their experiences helped to shape our strategies in marketing and sales. It allowed us to win in a highly competitive market space.

  • Scott Sipherd, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing at ARC Document Solutions

    Tony demonstrated his buyer persona expertise as he helped us quickly conduct buyer insights research to understand the needs of a valuable market segment. His ability to quickly assess our needs and conduct the research independently aligned with the needs of our fast-paced marketing team. He communicated his research findings well, preparing us to capitalize on the segment’s recent resurgence.

  • Saridha Fuangfu, Global Market Strategist, Samsung, Seoul, Korea

    Tony was incredibly open, engaging and insightful in giving advice on how to build market and buyer insight capabilities within an organization. He also helped illustrate the key strategies in buyer journey mapping with concrete examples from his rich experience. I would recommend anyone who is looking to deep dive into market and buyer insights to chat with Tony.

  • Natalie Sunderland, VP, Enterprise Marketing at Castlight Health

    Tony did a fantastic job creating our Buyer Personas and the output exceeded our expectations. I would recommend talking with Tony.

  • Jeff Wells, Senior Director Sales and Service, Symantec

    The compelling buyer persona insights and the mapping of the buyer’s decision processes for several verticals gave us a clear picture of how to converse with our customers. They gave us what we needed to boost sales and renewals considerably.

  • Lisanne Barnaart, Graydon, Amsterdam

    The master class of Tony Zambito in Amsterdam really changed my way of thinking on buyer persona research. It’s not about profiles, its about getting insight of the head of the buyer. How does his/her daily life look, what is the point of view on issues, how do they affect him/her, what mental models does the person have. Also the difference between goals and activities was a helpful insight.

    Thanks Tony

  • Jeff Harrell, Director, Marketing Communications, Thomson Reuters

    Tony flat out gets buyer persona development and its importance to a business. He is able to discover things about your buyer that you can’t do on your own. If you need a partner in developing buyer personas in your organization, look no further than Tony Z.

  • Paul Hassels Mönning, DutchmarQ

    The buyer persona masterclass that Tony ran in Amsterdam, The Netherlands was instrumental in helping me use narratives and storytelling to get to the core of what makes buyers tick. Both from their personal and business goals. A human insight to be cherished to provide value in a big data, exponential technology era.

  • Riadh Dridi, Senior Director, Partner Marketing and Business Development VMware

    In today’s highly competitive environment, strong customer insight is what gives marketing professionals an edge. The buyer insights developed helped tremendously in this endeavor.

  • Mike Drapeau, Managing Partner, Sales Benchmark Index

    Tony brought a high level of expertise to our client engagements as the thought leader for buyer personas. He conducted in-depth research and helped our clients integrate buyer insights into their sales processes.

    Tony delivered comparative buyer personas and buyer journeys into multiple market segments. He helped clients map out successful lead generation and content marketing programs targeted specifically to the personas.

  • Edwin Duys, Saristos (The Netherlands)

    I had a great 3 days with Tony attending his masterclass. From now on we’re able to really connect the dots between the profound insights of buyer personas with actionable marketing planning and tactics. I can strongly recommend this both for marketers and sales people. It’s refreshing.

  • Brandon Smits, Marketing, Aptera Software, Inc.

    “After banging my head against the wall creating personas for my company for a week, I knew I needed help. I called Tony and in less than 30 minutes he helped me completely transform my personas. He simplified my task by explaining his philosophy on goals. If you haven’t heard Tony talk about persona development may be doing it wrong. I know I was. Thanks Tony!”

  • Becky Roberts, Genesys, San Francisco

    As a content developer, it is imperative to identify with the end-user who will be consuming the content I write. Thanks to Tony’s buyer persona development work, it was much easier to create targeted content that resonated with identified personas. I would certainly recommend talking to Tony about buyer persona development to move from generic content to real segmentation that identifies with your audiences.

  • Michelle Barbour, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Genesys

    Tony is the leading authority on buyer personas – a critical methodology and qualitative research process that helps organizations understand their customers. As customers become the center of doing good business, understanding their behaviors and informational needs are key to competitive differentiation. Tony brings measurable outcomes with every consulting engagement. The efforts of the project on Buyer Research that we engaged with Tony on are currently being utlized throughout the company’s organization from sales to engineering with great results. I highly recommend consulting with Tony.

  • Alyssa Ross, Director, Content Strategy, Dassault Systemes

    I greatly appreciated Tony taking time to share his insights and experience with me as I work to develop buyer personas for my enterprise software company. There are a lot of angles for me to consider, and it was beneficial to bounce my ideas off of Tony and hear his real-world stories of what other companies have done as they’ve created personas. I’m left with some new ideas and lots to think about!

  • Bill Meidell, Vice President, Sales and Operations, RIVS

    Tony was very helpful in helping me understand buyer personas and how taking the time to research them could impact my business. He was very generous with his time and I would recommend talking to him if you are looking to solve marketing and sales problems.

  • Corey Livingston, Senior Director, Global Demand Center, Level 3 Communications

    In a few short minutes, Tony was able to give me instant clarity about how to overcome organizational resistance to developing buyer personas. He advised me not to try and ‘eat the elephant’ in one bite and our brief chat has allowed me to pinpoint my exact starting point. If you are stuck, I recommend talking with Tony.

  • Vincent Messina, Otimo Sales and Marketing

    Tony really cleared some things up for me regarding the difference between buyer profiles and buyer personas. He gave me solid examples that I can now use directly in my own practice. I highly recommend talking with Tony.

  • Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer, UBM Tech, San Francisco Bay Area

    I follow and use Tony’s principles and fundamentals about buyer personas to improve prospect and customer engagement. As a CMO and ever-lasting student of marketing, these disciplines help you focus on achieving specific outcomes.

  • Yvonne Akinmodun , Our HR Dept.

    I have always struggled with the concept of creating a marketing persona of my ideal client. I got in touch with Tony who took me through step by step what sorts of things to look for, the types of questions to ask myself and where to get some great examples of other companies that have created personas of their client.

    If you are just starting out or are not sure if your marketing efforts are hitting the mark, I would definitely recommend giving Tony a ring. I learnt so much all of which I’m now putting into action

  • Janet Chang, CEO, Wood Egg New York City

    Before the call with Tony, I was a little skeptical about the value of customer personas, because I was already familiar with their use in the technology startup industry. At my startup, I had even been careful to implement the “best practices” as described in the Lean Startup/Customer Development communities. However, a few minutes into the call, it was clear that there was much more that I hadn’t thought to do, in the process of unearthing our customers’ motivations. Tony walked me through step by step, and we now have insight into our customers’ mindsets much more than we did before. One little insight makes all the difference, so you should definitely talk to Tony if you are planning to create new products or improve existing product lines.

  • Elijah Young, Director of Marketing, Agent Marketing, Inc.

    Tony definitely helped me address a hurdle I was having with in-house adoption of Buyer Personas. I feel confident in pursuing the direction we discussed on our phone call today. I would highly recommend Tony about ways to discover, engage, & promote new acquisition. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Volker Schnaars, Owner, Kontextb2b, Cologne, Germany

    I got in touch with Tony because we share the interest in persona modeling and the belief of its importance for any kind of conversational marketing. I learned a lot from Tony about the advantages of involving third party expertise in the process of persona modeling.

  • Neville Bezzina, CMTO, InboundMuse. Malta

    I had several conflicting ideas about how I could approach new customer development for InboundMuse. Speaking with Tony really cleared the cobwebs. He quickly understood my specific situation and gave me clarity on how I can focus on understanding my customers even better, with actual clear-cut advice that I can apply to my actual situation. I look forward to working further with him.

  • Lidia Zurek, Market Research Analyst, Dean Evans and Associates, LLC

    Tony’s insights on our persona strategy was exceptionally helpful and now we’ve certainly validated from the perfect expert on this matter that we are on the right track.

  • Amrit Sharma, Minneapolis, MN

    I strongly recommend talking to Tony about buyer personas and positioning your company’s story. Tony and I had a really good conversation about how to dig deeper into my target market’s thought process, and how to realign my messaging/marketing that speaks their language and resonates with them.

  • Holly DeWolf, Stuttgart, Germany

    Tony was extraordinarily pleasant to talk to!
    I’ve been struggling with questions about which audience to target. Tony not only helped me verify that I was on the right track but also gave me some extra advice on how I might monetize other efforts I’ve been making.

  • Benson Garner, Phoenix, Arizona Area

    I’ve been struggling to identify an appropriate path forward in establishing who my customer is and how I should go about reaching them in a repeatable, scaleable way. In just 30 minutes with Tony he helped me to realize that I know a lot more about my customer than I thought that I did and that I’ve actually been on the right path and am moving in the right direction. With a little more patience and perseverance and great mentorship from folks like Tony, I’m confident I’ll get to where I want to be in a short period of time.

  • Amie Vaccaro, Marketing Communications Manager, Change.Org, San Francisco Bay Area

    I know I need to create buyer personas to guide my marketing work, but I needed support. After listening to webinars with Tony and reviewing his website I signed up for a conversation with him to bounce ideas around. He was extremely helpful – he validated a few of the personas I had in mind and encouraged me to question a third that may not be necessary. He also coached me through how to run the persona interviews. I definitely recommend speaking with him.

  • Nazerke Bagayeva, Italy

    Tony is a very professional expert. In 30 minutes of conversation he made us understand how to use content marketing in our case and how to create awareness of our product. He is amazing. He gave us useful and valuable insights.

  • New Svasti-Xuto, Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

    Tony was incredibly helpful. I briefly explain him what my business does and he went on and gave me a very relevant recommendation straight-on. He suggested how can my business market more to a customer segment that I am already selling. Aside from that, he had developed a great tool, which I found it really useful to guide my thought regards to developing my buyer “persona”. I recommend everyone before speaking to Mr.Zambito to check out his buyer persona canvas. And if anyone is struggling to know “who” your customers are and what to do about them, Mr.Zamibito will save you alot of time and could offer your a very good advice.

  • Ganesh Ramanathan, Deloitte Digital

    Tony was very helpful in providing me the right direction to define my persona. His recommendations are very clear and precise. I highly recommend him for your work.

  • Lee Schneider, Greater Los Angeles Area

    I am working on creating user personas, and Tony was incredibly helpful in focusing me on the questions I need to ask myself, as well as the questions I need to ask my potential customers. Because he has years of experience at this, his intuition is as strong as his knowledge – he gives great advice about gathering buyer insights and user research.

  • David Buckingham, David Buckingham Consulting, Canterbury & West Coast, New Zealand

    Fantastic call with Tony. Was working on a buyer persona – but was using a “profile” frame. Tony helped me make the distinction – and the solution to the problem I’ve been working on for the last month became obvious. Thanks Tony!

  • Vaidy Bala, CEO, Multunus, Bangalore

    Tony gave me a huge tip within the first 10min of our call which I can use as early as tomorrow – as soon as I get back to work.

    He also reviewed my SoHelpful canvas and helped me improve it.

    Thanks a ton Tony, for your time :).

  • Levi McPherson, President & Co-Founder, MySuccessMastery, LLC, Provo, Utah Area

    Tony is a dynamic individual with great insights into what make businesses tick. It was helpful to gain his perspective on the gamification movement and how buyer persona’s play an important role.

  • Mike Sutton, Granada Area, Spain

    I contacted Tony to get some help with using personas.

    I thought I knew personas – but you don’t know personas like Tony knows personas!

    Thank you Tony for helping remove my frustrating confusion about how and where I should go deeper and why.

    Thank you also for going way beyond my initial question and helping me think through the pricing model and helping me see another experiment I need to do to give my customers more of what they love.

    Tony was super helpful and hugely personable. I’m booking another session when I’ve tried the things he suggested.

  • Mike Fishbein, Partner, Casual Corp., Greater New York City Area

    Tony shared a lot of useful information!

  • Garett Laugavitz, Greater Milwaukee Area

    Tony was super helpful! He gave me advice for crafting great persona interview questions that open up the conversation organically. Additionally, he helped me get a real comfort level with conducting the interviews themselves. Validation like that is invaluable — it helped keep momentum on the project.

  • Andrei Ismail, ProgrammerFitness

    Tony cut through the problem immediately. He did not offer a solution; instead, he had a brilliant idea about how I could quickly tap into my existing customer base to get info needed for attracting new customers. He also helped me identify what is the most important value prop that I can put out there, that would tap into my prospective clients’ mindset. Thank you, great session!

  • Saumil,

    I was in a state of confusion on how to go ahead with preparing buyer personas and a simple advice from Tony helped me to go in the right direction at the right time.

    “Sometimes, a little advice can change entire direction of your life”

    I highly recommend talking with Tony and you are sure to get your direction ahead.

  • Janet, Solvesiz

    Tony is truly an expert at what he does. In the first five minutes of our call he gave me complete clarity on how to advance with buyer personas and how to gain a better understanding of my customers.

    Tonys advice is invaluable and I would recommend anyone that needs to get to know their clients and customers better to schedule a call with Tony asap.

  • Roberto Samayoa, Div Pixel Web Design

    Tony has helped me clarify the concept of the buyer persona in general. I was going in the right direction but not the right path, after the call and with his guidance everything seems so easy to understand and the concept is more straight forward and simple.

    Thanks Tony!

  • Alex Rammlmair, Founder of

    Tony was very helpful by asking good questions and making interesting points. I really appreciate him to enter the conversation about my current challenge and help me advance my thinking.

  • Justin Charness, Marketing, DataScience, Inc.

    Insightful and very informative. Tony clearly has a ton of experience in this field and was able to quickly assess our company’s challenges and framework a strategy for how we can approach research.

  • Mark Ciampittiello, MuseAmi

    Provided great insights to help guide the development of more effective user research.

  • Jocelyn Blakely-Hill, Washington D.C. Metro Area

    Thank you very much for your help and guidance during our persona creation project. Your willingness to help out and all of your experience and organizational knowledge was greatly appreciated.
    My team and I truly value your understanding and support. We believe that your input is going to positively affect our customers experience with this as well as future projects.

  • Sanjit Singh, LeadCrunch

    Tony was very helpful in getting the issues quickly and offering sage advice for our startup.

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