A Guide To Buyer Persona Development

by Tony Zambito

Guide To Buyer Persona Development

Learn the true and authentic buyer persona development methodology established by the creator of buyer personas. Get the guide you need to make your buyer personas useful and powerful. Developing marketing strategies to connect with modern buyers is hard work. Learn how buyer persona development gets you closer to your customers.

Buyer personas, when done with the right methodology and techniques, have been proven to help companies to get to know their customers and buyers deeply. Making their content marketing, sales enablement, and communications strategies relevant to their customers. Helping companies improve their go to market success rates with winning strategies.

This guide will help you to understand the methodology of buyer persona development. Providing you with the right concepts and techniques to make your buyer personas operational and purposeful. In Guide To Buyer Persona Development, you will learn:

• The core components of buyer persona development
• How to do the right level of buyer persona research
• How to create buyer personas based on real buyers
• The importance of scenario design and analysis
• How to understand buyer persona goals and map to content and sales strategies
• How to make informed decisions on content marketing and sales enablement with buyer personas

About Tony Zambito

Tony ZambitoAfter nearly 17 years since originating buyer persona development, Tony Zambito shares his personal guide to buyer persona development. Sharing insights from conducting 1,000’s of buyer interviews while helping companies such as FedEx, HP, Thomson Reuters, and more develop buyer personas leading to marketing success.

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