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Tony Zambito is an engaging speaker with a range of topics that cover the changing world of buying behavior, modern marketing transformation, the power of goal-directed buyer personas, new “consumerization”, and the evolution of the digital buyer in the new digital age.  Hear the authentic story of where the buyer persona concept originated and how it evolved.  Tony practices what he preaches.  He will work with you to understand the audience persona he will be speaking to and develop a powerful message, which will resonate.  He will tailor relevant topics according to what will connect with each audience persona defined.

Topics can include:

  • The Origins and Power of Goal-Directed Buyer Personas
  • The New Digital Buyer: Buyer Trends You Need To Know
  • The Top Buyer Behavior Trends You Need To Care About
  • How to Use Buyer Personas For Effective Content Marketing
  • Putting Buyer Context Into Your Content Marketing
  • How to Create Demand with Buyer Stories


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