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Buyer Persona

I Help Marketing and Sales Leaders Make Informed Decisions by Activating Insightful Buyer Personas That Drive Growth

For over 20 years, as the innovator of the buyer persona concept, I’ve helped leading organizations achieve a deeper understanding of buyers. (What Is A Buyer Persona?)  Enabling outcomes that matter:

  • Increase the number of meaningful sales conversations with buyers

  • Deploy content marketing campaigns that get buyers to act

  • Increase the success of your marketings’ lead generation efforts

  • Enhance the predictability of a successful go-to-market strategy

  • Accelerate revenue growth with buyer-aligned sales processes

  • Improve ABM results by reaching more buyers per account

  • Create personalization experiences buyers will love

With the history of over 4500 buyer interviews, no one has more buyer insights and experience with buyers. I can help you to gain buyers’ attention, cause buyers to respond, win more by getting buyers to say “yes,” and build loyal lifetime customers. 

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