In 2001, Tony Zambito innovated the concept of BUYER PERSONA.  A new way of understanding buyers that radically changed how businesses, marketing, and sales view and interact with their buyers.  Twenty years later, the concept of buyer personas is used worldwide as a research and insights method to understanding buyers and customers at a deeper level. 

Tony pioneered the cutting-edge principles of BUYER INSIGHTS RESEARCH.  Creating the bedrock goal-directed research methodology that help companies to achieve deep buyer insights.  Revealing buyer behavioral insights that are narrated through groundbreaking buyer personas and buyer persona mapping tools.

For over twenty years since the founding of buyer personas, Tony Zambito has helped many of today’s leading organizations.  Including the likes of FedEx, IBM, HP, GE, Reuters, Thomson Reuters Financial, Microsoft, Genesys, and many more.   Leading to significant growth achievements and closer relationships with their buyers and customers. 

Prior to the founding of BUYER PERSONA, Tony witnessed the birth of user personas in the mid to  late 1990s, to help inform product and software design strategies. Becoming Chief Consulting Officer for the creative interaction design agency Cooper, founded by Alan Cooper, helping to secure innovative user-centered design engagements.

Before Tony’s involvement with the world of personas and buyer insights, he served as a distinguished senior executive. Including pioneering the role of Vice President, Customer Management.  Tony has served as Vice President, Customer Management, Vice President, Strategy, Vice President, Sales, and Vice President, Marketing for TRW, Knight-Ridder, and Compaq/HP.

Tony Zambito holds an MBA degree in Marketing Management and a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a minor in Anthropology.