Become A Buyer Persona Master And Be A Buyer Expert

Understanding shifting buyer behaviors and how they impact the ability to gain the attention of buyers will become the greatest post-pandemic need in the next few years.  Become a buyer expert individually and with your organization by learning the only true authentic buyer persona development process.

Buyer Persona Development Masterclass:

In this interactive time with the founder of the Buyer Persona concept, Tony Zambito will teach and guide you in the authentic methods, approaches, concepts, and principles of buyer persona development.  You will discover how to excel at buyer insights research and how to translate buyer insights into actionable buyer personas.  Learn how to achieve better outcomes in marketing and sales strategies through authentic informing buyer personas.  Become a Certified Buyer Persona Master.

Best Suited For:

Professionals in marketing, sales, product marketing, content marketing, and customer success. Managers and leaders seeking to understand buyers at a deeper level with buyer insights research and the authentic founder’s method of buyer persona development.  Agencies, practitioners, and researchers looking to build upon their capabilities to deliver authentic buyer insights research and buyer persona development.  

What You Will Learn:

In this MasterClass, you will learn directly from Tony Zambito authentic goal-directed buyer persona concepts and methods:

  • Understand and help solve client and buyer Problems
  • Understand Buyer Insights Research
  • Understand the importance of Goal-Directed Buyer Personas
  • Understand best practices in Buyer Persona Development
  • Understand the true modeling method for Buyer Personas
  • Understand the advantages and limitations of Buyer’s Journey
  • Understand the importance of Scenarios and Mental Models
  • Understanding the role of Empathy in connecting with buyers
  • Understand the powerful insights of a buyer Narrative
  • Understand what buyer personas truly are and how they help in Informing business, marketing, and sales strategies

The How-To You Will Learn:

  1. How to understand the how and why behind buyer problems
  2. How to focus on goal-directed behaviors important to personas and insights
  3. How to gather deep insights into buyer goals, choices, and challenges
  4. How to conduct buyer insights research.
  5. How to synthesize and interpret buyer research into actionable insights
  6. How to model informing buyer personas based on research and insights
  7. How to use scenario and mental model understanding to create powerful strategies to connect with buyers
  8. How to create empathy with buyers
  9. How to use the outcome of buyer insights research to propel your business, marketing, and sales strategies forward
  10. How to communicate buyer insights research and buyer persona development results across an enterprise and to clients with impact

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