The State Of Buyer Personas 2015 Survey

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clipboard designed by Ilsur Aptukov
clipboard designed by Ilsur Aptukov

I could use your help. For the past few years, I have put together an annual perspective on the State of Buyer Personas.   This coming year, I will welcome responses to a comprehensive survey to include in this perspective.

It is hard to believe nearly thirteen years have passed since founding the concept of buyer persona development. The concept has gone through various evolutions – some good and some not so good. One thing we can count on remaining central is the core concept of buyer personas being part of a human-centered approach towards understanding buyers.

While buyer personas have grown in popularity, the concept continues to be plagued by myths, misrepresentation, and misguided use of the term buyer persona. Many marketing and sales leaders experience confusion and frustration when it comes to seeking the authentic understanding of how buyer persona development can contribute to their efforts. However, what cannot be lost are the many marketing and sales leaders who have embraced the human-centered approach to buyer persona development – and are reaping good results in connecting more closely with buyers.

My hope is this survey will add dimension and depth to a perspective on the State Of Buyer Personas thirteen years later. If you are a marketing leader, a sales leader, or an individual contributor within a business organization, especially with experience in making use of buyer personas, I welcome your responses and contribution.

Your time and responses will be most appreciated – and they will count!

Please use the link provided below to access the survey:

The State Of Buyer Personas 2015 Survey

Again, many many thanks!  Please do share the link below with colleagues and peers who will have an interests in taking this survey: