Become A Master At Buyer Persona Selling

In this special Masterclass on Buyer Persona Selling, I will reveal a proven method for understanding buyers at the deepest level. You will transform your ability to engage and win buyers over in complex selling environments. 

Buyer Persona Selling Masterclass:

In this interactive time with the founder of the Buyer Persona concept, Tony Zambito will teach and guide you in the authentic methods, conversational approaches, selling concepts, and principles of buyer persona selling.  You will discover how to excel using powerful buyer insights, buyer personas, understanding of buyer goals, and situational scenarios to engage your buyers.  Learn how to achieve better outcomes in sales strategies through the authentic buyer persona selling approach.  Get Certified in Buyer Persona Selling.

Best Suited For:

Professionals in complex sales, marketing, and customer success wanting to succeed in hitting their targets. Sales managers and leaders seeking to engage buyers at a deeper level and transform their sales forces to enable buyers reach their goals. 

What You Will Learn:

In this MasterClass, you will learn directly from Tony Zambito authentic buyer persona selling concepts and methods:

  • Understand and help solve client and buyer Problems
  • Understand how to understand Buyer Personas for selling
  • Understand six phases and key steps in Buyer Persona Selling
  • Understand how to enable buyer to achieve their Goals
  • Understand how to identify key Buyer Issues
  • Understand the importance of Scenarios and Mental Models in selling
  • Understanding the role of Empathy in selling to buyers
  • Understand the power insights of a buyer Narrative
  • Understand how to lead buyers to a natural Close

The How-To You Will Learn:

  1. How to understand the how and why behind buyer problems
  2. How to gather deep insights into buyer goals, choices, and challenges
  3. How to engage buyers in conversations about their goals
  4. How to use the journalistic method to uncover buyer problems and opportunities
  5. How to identify scenarios you can address with buyers
  6. How to use the six phases and steps of Buyer Persona Selling
  7. How to gain Buyer Agreement
  8. How to develop SDR and selling campaigns
  9. How to manage Buyer Persona-based pipelines

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