Humanize Your Brand

by Tony Zambito

Mastering Human-Centered Marketing

Learn how to develop a disciplined human-centered approach to marketing and branding. Stand-out by humanizing your brand and connections with customers. Today’s customers are being inundated with digital content daily. Much of which is still loaded with product and business-speak. Causing customers to tune-out, not read, or listen. How do today’s brands connect with customers?

As the digital age takes root, more customers are desiring high touch in a high tech world. They want a human connection. In Mastering Human-Centered Marketing, you will learn:

• What is human-centered marketing and why it is important now
• The three critical phases of a human-centered approach
• How to research and develop human understanding of customers
• How to use personas with human-centered marketing
• How to understand human-centered experience scenarios and plan for them
• How to humanize content and messaging to connect with customers

To succeed today, marketers must become human marketers. This guide will help you to understand how to develop a human-centered approach, humanize your brand, and become a leader in the emerging field of human-centered marketing.

About Tony Zambito

Tony ZambitoAfter nearly 17 years since originating buyer persona development, Tony Zambito shares his personal guide to buyer persona development. Sharing insights from conducting 1,000’s of buyer interviews while helping companies such as FedEx, HP, Thomson Reuters, and more develop buyer personas leading to marketing success.

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