Buyer Foresight: Article Roundup Vol. 1

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Something new.

Periodically, I will highlight a compilation of linked articles I have written to help people.  The purpose is to reflect on what can truly provide new thinking for use in today’s complex business world.  My hope is such reflection will help people to gain their own foresight into future possibilities.

Let’s get started:

The Art of Buying

With this article, the purpose is to bring attention to the question of why people buy.  Sometimes it takes art versus science to answer this question.

5 Buying Behaviors of the Persona Buying Cycle

Looking back, this thinking continues to evolve and gain steam.  I offer a unique approach, which involves a realistic as well as pragmatic view of mapping to buying behaviors.  A complete end-to-end buying cycle view.

7 Big Questions for B2B Marketers in 2013

This generated much viewership.  B2B Marketers are facing tremendous challenges in lead generation and truly understanding buyers today.  With many first quarter results subpar, getting answers to critical questions becomes an imperative.

5 Buying Behaviors Reshaping B2B Marketing

Changes in buying behaviors continue to happen at a rapid pace.  Putting pressure on B2B Marketing to adapt and respond.

4 Reasons Why Content Marketing Should Care About Audience Development

Often times, content marketing can be hindered by product-centric or overly sales-centric influence.  The new rules of content marketing are developing true audience development competency and strategies.

How Activity-Based Buyer Persona Development Generates Opportunities

Here, I attempt to give an inside look into how understanding buyer activities can lead to genuine revenue opportunities.  This approach is one of the building blocks of buyer persona research.

3 Ways To Be A Market Leader With Buyer Foresight

In this article, I take a focused look at what is needed to integrate buyer foresight into B2B strategy thinking.  And, how buyers today are seeking foresight from business relationships.

How Google Is Beating Apple With Buyer Foresight (What B2B Marketing Can Learn)

Google recently announced a slew of new products, services, and redesign.  I use these two iconic brands to show how buyer foresight can give you a competitive edge.

What Is A Buyer Insight?

The terms insight and buyer insight have been, at times, very misunderstood.  In this article, I discuss the common confusion of facts presented as insight.  And, look at how to recognize the difference between profound buyer insight and a buyer fact.

Look forward to more volumes of article roundups.  As always, I appreciate the readership.  These topics are influenced by my relationships and the questions I often get asked.  I am available to help and have further conversations.  Please do connect.

Please do share these with others.  It helps us all.

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