Join Me For a Talk on GTM Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World

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GTM Strategy Requires Deep Understanding of Buyers

On Thursday, December 8, I will be giving a 45-minute talk on the importance of understanding buyers today to meet GTM Strategy challenges in a post-pandemic world. It is a pleasure to accept this invitation from BrightTALK and TechTarget. Two supporters on the need for insights and the power of deeply understanding buyers.

For the past year, I have accepted no speaking engagements. Choosing to take time to reflect and conduct research on the impact of a post-pandemic world confronted by enormous challenges. Thus, I am looking forward to sharing with you thoughts and insights that have in a sense been percolating for a few months.

Challenges abound. War, inflation, supply chain, terrorist threats, and the lurking rebound of the COVID-19 virus all impact how buyers operate and make choices. The landscape that we knew in 2019-2021 has changed drastically and will continue to change significantly throughout this decade.

In my talk, I will cover briefly:

  • The changing landscape of buyers in a post-pandemic world
  • What matters in buyer insights today
  • How a deeper understanding of buyers leads to GTM alignment
  • What it takes to enable teams
  • How buyer personas are relevant
  • Foundational truths about buyer personas

Will you join me on Thursday, December 8 at 3 pm ET? I will be taking questions as well. To register for the talk, which is free, go to this link here: 

I welcome your participation and look forward to sharing thoughts, ideas, concepts, and findings that I know will be helpful to you.