Tony Zambito And Center For Buyer Insights To Launch Buyer Outlook Insights Study July 1

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June 8, 2020

A quarterly monitoring study of buyer attitudes about buying decisions during and after the COVID-19 Crisis, the COVID-19 Buyer Outlook Insights study will bring timely and essential buyer persona-based decision-making about when and how to resume marketing and sales.

Introducing Buyer Outlook Insights Study

Marketers and sellers have faced an enormous upheaval in how to reach and engage buyers. In talking and sampling with decision-makers, questions are surfacing such as:

  • When and how should we resume marketing and selling?
  • What kinds of marketing and selling strategies will be appropriate?
  • Under what conditions will our buyers begin to engage in making purchasing decisions?
  • When will buyers be willing to make plans to implement high-stake projects?
  • What level of demand should we expect?
  • How do we go about creating demand?
  • What steps should we take to assure buyers feel safe?
  • How have buyers adapted to working from home?
  • How should we adapt to a virtual marketing and selling environment?
  • What are the revenue opportunities?

To assist business leaders in addressing these and other questions, Tony Zambito and the Center for Buyer Insights is spearheading an outlook monitoring study of buyers and decision-makers.  The Buyer Outlook Insights study will bring timely and essential insights to participating organizations about when and how to stage active marketing and selling strategies.  Additionally, it will seek to gain insights into how to adapt and implement new marketing and selling strategies due to the effects of COVID-19. 

Initially the research will launch in the US and consist of the following:

  • Participating organizations are sought from industries to include High-Tech, SaaS, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Manufacturing
  • The number of organizations participating will be limited to 50 organizations
  • There will be a monthly subscription rate for participation in the study
  • The study will begin on July 1, 2020
  • The Buyer Outlook Insights study will stretch over a period of 8 consecutive quarters ending on June 30, 2022
  • Buyers will be surveyed and in-depth buyer insights interviews will be conducted each quarter
  • Participating organizations will receive virtual quarterly Buyer Outlook Insights Reviews in addition to monthly updates
  • Unique goal-centered buyer personas, founded by Tony Zambito, will be provided for each industry to cohort participating organizations

The buyer insights research will take the form of a longitudinal monitoring study with multiple waves of data collection and buyer interviews taking place over the course of two years. Participating organizations will assist in identifying interview subjects as well as in deploying surveys via email. 

While various states have begun to implement reopening plans, there remains a high degree of uncertainty about the future.  Making now the appropriate time to begin attaining unique buyer insights to understand shifting buyer attitudes and behaviors.  The study will enable participating organizations to see change when it is occurring, gauge the when and how of demand, and be able to make decisions about how to design and activate marketing and selling based on a reliable set of buyer insights.

Organizations wishing to participate in the Buyer Outlook Insights study should contact Tony Zambito with emails directed to  

About Tony Zambito

Tony is the founder and leading authority in buyer personas and buyer insights. In 2001, Tony established the first-ever buyer persona development methodology designed specifically for B2B Marketing and Sales. This innovation has helped leading Fortune 100 companies gain a deeper understanding of their buyers resulting in improved customer strategies, customer experience, and revenue performance. He has assisted companies such as HP, Reed Elsevier, FedEx, Pearson, Robert Half International, Microsoft, Genesys, IBM, Thomson Reuters, GE, Level 3, Lyft, Reuters News Agency, Conoco Phillips, Diligent, and more in customer research, buyer insights research, and buyer persona development.