20th Anniversary Of Buyer Persona

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Tony Zambito

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This year, in July, will mark the 20th Anniversary of the origins of the Buyer Persona concept. Hard to believe the concept has evolved into one of the fundamental means for understanding the modern buyer of today. The global pandemic has now increased the need to understand the changing goals and behaviors of users, consumers, audiences, and buyers. Making the founding goal-directed methods of buyer persona research more critical than ever.

For over 20 years, as the founder and innovator of the buyer persona concept, I’ve advocated for achieving a deeper understanding of buyers. Working with many leading organizations and hundreds of marketing and sales leaders to succeed.

Now, I am eager to reveal how to develop buyer personas and conduct buyer insights research the authentic right way. My goal is to create a worldwide community of buyer insights and buyer persona evangelists who help organizations succeed in helping buyers to achieve their goals. To learn how to become a Certified Buyer Persona Master, please visit this page:

Buyer Persona Development Masterclass

I hope you will join me in creating a worldwide community that improves the lives of people by improving the interactions between organizations and buyers.

Stay tuned for more as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Buyer Persona.